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Success is when the time to access an innovative treatment is reduced.

Optimize patient recruitment for your clinical trials 

By providing CT-SCOUTTM to your clinical sites you will both facilitate their contribution to your studies and get a better overview of the site recruitment activities for your studies.

You can also further enlarge your patient reach by providing ToTem4me to referral sites, with no need to train them on your studies.

The patient journey at CTMA

CTMA favors direct contact with patients (with the medical team via ct-scout) and (with an expert clinical trial coordinator via totem4me) to involve them wherever they are and empower them to make the decision to participate in a clinical trial.

Through a questionnaire based on a powerful and reliable algorithm, you can pre-select qualified patients for your trial.

A coordinator is made available to the patient following registration on totem4me to follow up with the patient before, during and after inclusion in a clinical trial. A notification is sent to the clinical research team once a pest has been detected on ct-scout