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As a patient, connect to ToTem4me to keep you informed and involved

01 Patient Dashboard: Allows you to keep patients informed of their progress during their inclusion in a clinical trial.

02 Notifications: to remind patients of their appointments and inform them if other clinical studies are available near them.

03 Mobile/tablet friendly web application.

The progress of the research depends on your participation! 

Clinical trials are a fundamental part of medical research that aims to find new ways to prevent, detect or treat diseases. These new treatments can be new molecules, combinations of different molecules, new ways of administering them, new treatment techniques (surgery, radiotherapy).

The goal of clinical trials is to improve the treatment of patients at all stages of the disease. They allow us to evaluate the effectiveness and tolerance of new treatments before they are put on the market.

When you participate in clinical research, you help doctors and researchers learn more about diseases and find alternative treatments for your disease.

Are you an IBD patient ? You are in the right place to find the right clinical trial for you 

As an IBD patient, you have probably done a lot of research about your disease and its different stages, you have explored several websites and forums in search of answers, support or simply to exchange information.

CTMA puts at your disposal the afa website that you can consult through the following link. afa is the only French association that supports and informs Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis patients and their relatives, defends their rights, and finances research.

Current Research Studies

We understand the difficulties you are going through and the obstacles you face in finding clinical trials that are right for you.

At CTMA, we support you and are actively working with physicians and patients (through the afa) to provide you with easy access to clinical trials near you so that you can find the innovative treatments you want and deserve.

in a few clicks and minutes wherever you are! in total security!

How to use ToTem4me ?

On-line Patient Questionnaire

Connect to the totem4me application, fill out a questionnaire in 2 minutes, and find out if there are ongoing clinical trials in your area of choice that could potentially suit you.


Coordinator interview & study identification

The expert coordinator finetunes with you the identification of potential study(ies), explains clinical studies typical process, and confirms your interest.


Site referral

The expert coordinator forwards your contact details to the hospital you select, so that an appointment is given to you. The investigational team confirms your potential eligibility and initiate the screening.


Patient follow-up

The expert coordinator follows-up with the investigational team to ascertain that you had your appointment and enquires on the follow-up proposed.

How does ToTem4me protect your privacy?


Your data is never shared with a trial site
You have the right to be forgotten and have your data fully deleted.
the coordinator has no access to your personnal datas
Only limited information is captured to protect your privacy
ToTem4me is GDPR compliant